2013 Municipal Endorsements

The SEIU Local 888 Committee on Political Action has been meeting all summer choose candidates for endorsement in the municipal elections.  The committee’s charge is to support candidates with a proven commitment to working class people and public employees. We solicited questionnaires from more then 45 candidates and after 8 meetings and many interviews the committee has voted to endorse the following elected officials and candidates in this year’s preliminary elections:

Boston Elections – Preliminary September 24th

At-Large City Council:
Stephen J Murphy, Incumbent • http://stephenjmurphy.com/
Ayanna S Pressley, Incumbent • http://www.ayannapressley.com/
Jack F Kelly III • http://jackkellyforboston.com/
Michelle Wu • http://michelleforboston.com/

District 1
Salvatore LaMattina, Incumbent • http://www.sallamattina.com/
District 2
Suzanne Lee • http://suzanneleeboston.com/
District 3
District 4
No Endorsement
District 5
No Endorsement
District 6
Matt O’Malley, Incumbent • http://www.votemattomalley.com/
District 7
Tito Jackson, Incumbent • http://titojacksonforboston.com/
District 8
Josh Zakim • http://www.joshzakim.com/
District 9
Mark Ciommo, Incumbent • http://www.markciommo.com/

Malden School Committee, Preliminary Election Sept 17th
Christina Villafranca

Cambridge City Council, Election November 5th
Denise Simmons, Incumbent – http://www.denisesimmons.com/
Kenneth E. Reeves, Incumbent • http://kenreeves.org/
Dennis Benzan • http://www.votebenzan.com/

Brockton City Council – Preliminary Election September 17th  
Robert Sullivan City Council At-Large, Incumbent • http://www.electrobertsullivan.com/
Tim Sullivan, School Committee member running for City Council Ward 7

Chelsea City Council
Calvin Brown Councillor At-Large, Incumbent

For more on our endorsement process please visit our endorsement process page.

If you would like to join SEIU Local 888’s Committee on Political Action please email Dan Hoffer, Political Director, at dhoffer@seiu888.org, or call 617 642 3588.


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