Weymouth cafeterias’ pact

Members of the Weymouth Public Schools cafeteria chapter unanimously approved a new three-year contract, which includes:

  • A pay increase of $2 per hour for cooks.
  • An increase of $1 per hour for assistant cooks.
  • An increase of 6 percent for other workers over three years.
  • The addition of another step to the current salary schedule, which will result in an additional 2 percent raise for those already at the top of the pay scale.

The three-year contract includes 2 percent raises in 2020 and 2021 as well. The new contract also clarified exactly what grade and step a member would move to when promoted to a higher position — with at least a 5 percent pay increase involved.

The agreement calls for the Weymouth schools to pay for the members’ certification in food safety, and also for their recertification as required by law. Sick leave when retiring or resigning will increase from 20 percent to 35 percent of the value of unused sick leave, with a cap of $2,500 — up from $2,000.

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