Social Security 101 turns out 250+

More than 250 members attended the Social Security 101 workshops! Thanks to our presenter, Delia De Mello, for a wealth of information about Social Security. You can review the presentation slideshow.

This event was organized by SEIU Local 888’s new retiree chapter: SEIU Local 888 Union Forever.  We invite any of you who are retired or about to retire to become a member of the new retiree chapter. Becoming a member gives you:

  • Opportunity to be part of SEIU 888 Dental Benefit for a nominal cost
  • Access to SEIU Member Benefits
  • SEIU Free College Benefit
  • Access to the Spark newsletter
  • Opportunity to work on passing legislation that impacts us as seniors and/or retirees
    • Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP). If you are eligible for a pension based on work you did for a federal, state, or local government, a nonprofit organization, or in another country and you did not pay Social Security taxes, this pension can affect the amount of your Social Security benefits. This reduction is referred to as the Windfall Elimination Provision, or WEP.
  • Access to SEIU Local 888 Retiree Member Portal
  • Connection to other SEIU 888 retirees and the broader labor movement (for example, be a delegate to a labor council in your area)
  • Opportunity to connect with the SEIU Union Forever national retiree group
  • Participate in SEIU Local 888 bi-annual conventions
  • Opportunity to become a member of the Committee on Political Action

Membership is $40.00 a year. Become a member today!

Retiree Planning Committee

  • Susan Winning
  • Diane Foley
  • Gail Silva
  • Teresa A. Riordan

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