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Save time and money with the Member Portal
Local 888 has developed a secure online “Member Portal” that allows members to access their union contract, membership card, and get chapter updates and newsletters. Using the portal saves you time and increases Local 888’s administrative efficiency.Members also gain access to members-only benefits such as SEIU Member Benefits, the union’s Housing Trust, scholarship program, our supplemental Dental & Vision plans and other benefits.

What’s the Member Portal? A web-based membership database where you can securely:

  • Access an electronic membership application form
  • Update your contact information
  • Print your membership card
  • Print your contract and/or other chapter specific documents
Member Card
Request Access to the Member Portal:
Request your username and password at www.seiu888.org/mp-accessAccess Local 888 Member Portal:
Access your new Member Portal at www.seiu888.org/mp
Member Portal


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