888 Members

Membership Authorization Card

Become a member of Local 888! Membership in the union means you have a voice in your working conditions and with the union.  To become a member, please fill out in its entirety the Application for Membership Application, 2017.

Why should I contribute to Committee on Political Action (COPA)?

Simple: full membership participation in COPA sends a strong message that you and the members of SEIU Local 888 take politics seriously.  It gives us the resources to fight for pro-worker laws, and funding for the services you and your family care about.

COPA fights for the elected officials that stand up for working people, regardless of party.

Chapter Funds

Each SEIU Local 888 Chapter is allocated a set amount of funds based on the number of members in the chapter on an annual basis. Chapter chairs are provided with an accounting of the funds on a monthly basis.  Chapters may use these funds in accordance to the policies established by the SEIU Local 888 Executive Board.

The Chapter Funds Policy is intended to make clear what expenditures are appropriate and how chapter leaders can access their funds. This policy should make the process more streamlined and efficient.

Member Reimbursement

Members seeking reimbursement for travel and/or loss-time expenses should download and submit the Members Reimbursement Form.

Stewards Training & Manual

As a steward, your job is more than just handling grievances. Although, grievances are important.  That is only the most visible and dramatic aspect of the union’s presence in your workplace. Sometimes, grievances can take up a lot of your time. But don’t be consumed by grievances, your main responsibility as a steward is to build a united and organized the membership in your workplace. Without member involvement, no union can protect and properly serve its members. As a leader in the workplace, you’ll have your hands full because the stewards are the organizers. It doesn’t just mean signing up new members, although it means that too. It means stewards are responsible for organizing their workplace to deal with any problems as a unified group.

SEIU Steward’s Manual

SEIU 888 Grievance Form

Know Your Rights

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