Where do my union dues go?

My Union Dues at Work

What are my union dues used for?

Representation & Legal Services

  • Winning good union contracts requires skilled negotiators and union reps who assist your negotiating team to build membership unity by organizing rallies and worksite actions;
  • Winning grievances and arbitrations as well as contract enforcement requires well-trained stewards and support from Local 888’s reps and legal team;
  • New member organizing to improve wages and benefits for other public service and non-profit employees so our own wages and benefits are not eroded or contracted-out;
  • Member benefits such as discount tickets and Local 888 promotional items;
  • Chapter funds that can be used for membership building activities.

Communications with Members and the Public

  • Publications for various union programs, including the Local 888 newsletter, “The Spark.” Local 888 members may also need media campaigns, public relations and opinion surveys to support collective bargaining;
  • Materials for rallies and events.


  • Rent for SEIU Local 888 union hall and field offices, Information Technology, Human Resources, and general overhead;
  • Insurance, accounting, legal and audit services.

Organizational & Affiliation Dues

  • Support for programs on civil and human rights, equal opportunity;
  • Per capita dues to SEIU International;
  • Membership in state and local labor federations and councils;
  • Mobilizing Local 888 members to campaign for better legislation and improved public services at the local, state and federal level.

Research & Educational Service

  • Member participation in events that build or train union leaders;
  • Union initiatives supported by smart financial and statistical research.

Additional Information

Click here to download Local 888’s 2015 and 2016 revenue and expenses.

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