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New Contract for Malden Cafeteria Workers

Malden Cafeteria workers overwhelmingly ratified a new four year contract. Many members got significant pay upgrades and everyone will get an additional personal day. Food service workers will receive 1 percent across the board increases on July 1, 2015, again on January 1, 2016 followed by a 2 percent raise on July 1, 2016. Utility workers will get 2 percent on January 1, 2014, 2 percent on July 1, 2014, 1 percent on July 1, 2015, again on January 1, 2016 and a 2 percent raise on July 1, 2016.
Malden cafeteria members met to review and vote on their new contract.

Malden cafeteria members met to review and vote on their new contract.

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Tentative agreement ratified for new Unit 2 state contract

Update:  In onsite voting on July 10, Unit Two members ratified the new tentative agreement 1,493 yes to 161 no.  There were 24 challenged ballots.
Click here to read the new tentative agreement for Unit 2 that will be subject to a ratification vote on July 10, 2014 at the 18 locations listed within the agreement.  The Alliance Bargaining Committee recommends ratification.

Local 888 voting locations will include the Chelsea and Holyoke Soldiers Homes and the Local 888 Office in Worcester MA.

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New Sandwich Contracts Signed

Local 888 members at the Sandwich DPW recently approved their new contract.

Local 888 members at the Sandwich DPW recently approved their new contract.

Sandwich DPW Seals New Deal
Congratulations to Local 888 members at the Sandwich DPW who recently approved a two year contract. The new agreement includes wage increases of 2.5%, 2.5%, 2.5% and ends a number of ‘two-tier’ practices that members say threatened to weaken the union. Scheduled overtime during the workweek will be offered to union members before part-time employees, while cross-training will be offered to all staff. Other provisions include an end to a ‘two-tier’ vacation policy; all members will receive 25 days vacation after 15 years.

Sandwich Clerical Unit
Members of the Sandwich Clerical Unit recently approved a new agreement that includes several improvements to wages and benefits, including for new employees. New employees are now entitled to sick leave after 3 months instead of 6, and all employees are now eligible for 25 days vacation after 15 years. Employees who work on holidays and Sundays will now receive double-time pay. The contract also includes a 2.5% cost of living increase for each year of the agreement.

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Framingham Professionals Win First Contract

Framingham Professionals

Framingham Professionals

A group of more than 20 professionals who work for the town of Framingham were frustrated when they received no raises for three years.  They realized that they needed a union and collective bargaining to get raises and address many other concerns they had.
They formed their union in 2011 and it took a resolute bargaining committee nearly two years to win their first contract.  Finally on March 22 the team reached a three-year contract with the town’s top management.

Bargaining committee member Kitty Mahoney says that the team is thrilled with the outcome. “Our first contract represents the best interests of our workforce, with solid employment protections through articles which serve us all as a collective; cooperatively and with solidarity. It was an honor to work with the members of this committee. I am humbled by the process and thankful for the opportunity. All the work was worth it!”

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New Contract for Steamship Authority

Steamship authority bargaining team.

Steamship authority bargaining team.

How often do you have to go to mediation after two negotiating sessions?  Not too often—but Local 888 did in the case of the Steamship Authority. Parity between contracts was management’s answer to almost every proposal until it came to wages, then it was a different story. The team held firm on some proposals and ended up with a three year contract with raises of  2.75%, 2.75% and 2.5%, “super seniority” for the steward in the event of layoffs, as well as an additional day for travel in excess of 200 miles.  All in all, not a bad contract in this economy. Thanks to Donna St. John, Ruth Grundhoefer, Pat Jette, Beth Rowe, Camille Carter and Shari Duncan for their hard work.

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Career Service workers win new contract

Local 888 members at the Valley Works Career Center in Lawrence. After going four years without a raise, the group decided it was time for some tactics that went beyond the bargaining table.

Local 888 members at the Valley Works Career Center in Lawrence. After going four years without a raise, the group
decided it was time for some tactics that went beyond the bargaining table.

Sometimes winning a new contract takes a lot more than just negotiating with management.

Local 888 members at the Valley Works Career Center in Lawrence were frustrated after two tentative agreements were turned down by the Mayor and the City’s Financial Overseer, appointed by the Governor.  Meanwhile other city employees began getting raises.

“We went four years without a raise,” said Mariah Germosen, a Career Service Advisor.  “When that many years go by, you don’t feel appreciated or valued.  You’re not keeping up with the cost of living.”

“We needed to step up the pressure and start making some noise,” said Cardel Bennett who also works as a Career Service Advisor.

“That’s why a group from the negotiating committee and Local 888 Field Service Director Jen Springer went to the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development.  “A good part of our funding is from the state.  We told Secretary Joanne Goldstein’s office and the Governor’s office just how frustrated we were and that something had to be done,” said Springer.

“After that meeting the ball got rolling with the city!” said Marco Ruiz who in addition to being a Career Service Advisor is also the union steward at Valley Works.  “This was a tough battle and I’m happy with the outcome.”

Members won some significant improvements over the previous tentative agreement.  Instead of a 3 percent bonus, they got a 3 percent increase in base pay going back to July 1, 2011.  Members also won 2.5 percent increase in wages each year for 2013 and 2014 for a total of 5 percent, instead of the original 0 percent with only a promise of a “reopener.”

“SEIU Local 888 members and staff were aggressive and we didn’t let up until we won.  Our political strategy complimented the bargaining strategy,” said Springer.  “It was great to see the leaders at Valley Works step up to make it happen and finally get a contract.”

Chapter chair Barbara Begin reported that the contract was ratified 18- 0 on February 12.

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Brockton Library Contract Settled

Congratulations to Local 888 members at the Brockton Public Library for settling their contract.The three year agreement includes several provisions that members fought hard for, including the extension of recall rights from two years to three, a wage differential for library staff who work at night or on the weekends, vacation buy back, an increase in longevity for both full-time and part-time employees and an annual increase in money that can be used to help staff obtain degrees. Chapter chair Sue McCormick credits a bargaining team that worked well together. “This was the first contract I’d ever negotiated so having a team of great people around me and assistance from our local was really important,” says McCormick. When negotiations are scheduled to begin again this summer (the new agreement covers the period July 2010-July 2013), McCormick says that she’s hoping to see some new faces on the bargaining team. “It’s good to have new sets of eyes on each contract.”

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First Contract for Springfield Crossing Guards

Springfield crossing guards, who formed a union last year, just ratified their first-contract.

Congratulations to the Springfield crossing guards for ratifying their first-ever contract. The agreement came after months of difficult bargaining. The two-year contract includes raises of 1% the first year and 2% the second year, which will bring all of the crossing guards up to the same salary. Now members say that they plan to create safety and grievance committees to address problems they face on the job. Safety is major issue for crossing guards. Since a crossing guard was struck and killed in Everett last year, guards from across the state have been advocating for improved safety measures. Congratulations to the Springfield crossing guards for winning their first contract.

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City of Boston Contracts now available

Click here to download the PDF of the City of Boston Contract.

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City of Boston Bargaining Team meets to finalize contract for distribution

Bargaining team – L to R: Dave Reno, Adjie Hurley, Jackie Bailey, Lorna Pleas, Hajji Glover, Anthony Meeks, Rowena Wesley, Kelly Shea, Christine O’Keefe, Kevin Harrison


The City of Boston Bargaining team met for the last time to set the basic parameters for the printing of the contracts and distributing it to Members. Contract coming soon.

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Hopkinton Paraprofessionals Win First Contract!



Hopkinton, MA – School paraprofessionals declared victory on Thursday, June 14 in their 19 month effort to form a union and improve working conditions after an overwhelming majority of the workers voted to ratify their first union contract.

The union agreement with School District management will improve paid time off by increasing holidays from five to eleven per year and allowing workers more sick time if needed. The contract ensures workers a voice on-the-job and increases their job security with an enforceable grievance and arbitration procedure. Paraprofessional will also receive regular scheduled wage increases.


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CAAS Chapter Unanimously Approves Contract

Members of the Community Action Agency  of Somerville unanimously approved a one-year contract .

“This was a hard-fought struggle,” said “Chapter Chair Ashana Ward. “Management wanted to increase our share of health care premiums, and for many months refused to consider any cost of living increase” (more…)

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