Our chapters are the heart and soul of Local 888.  For most members, their experience in the union is limited to how well the chapter administers the contract and the activities and events organized by chapter leaders.

Now that Local 888 has adopted Dues Equality, we have increased the allocations for chapter funds.

The chapter funds policy is intended to make clear what expenditures are appropriate and how chapter leaders can access their funds.  This policy should make the process more streamlined and efficient.

This handbook will guide chapter leaders to better utilize the resources available from Local 888 to build more effective chapters for all members.  We hope it will not only inform you about chapter funds, but also inspire your chapter to become more involved.

It is our hope that chapter funds will be used for membership activities and training for leaders and stewards.  The increase we are allocating to chapter funds will provide you with more resources to work with and hopefully lead to a stronger union overall.

The environment for Local 888 members has never been more challenging.  Now is the time to take full advantage of Local 888’s resources to increase membership involvement and win better contracts.

Chapter Funds Policy (April 2019)This handbook will help you with Chapter Funds

Chapter Funds Request (July 2016): Use this form to request Chapter Funds

Chapter Leadership (Version 1.1)Chapter Leadership form must be submitted by January 31st of the current year and updated as soon as possible following any leadership changes

Under construction: Membership Application Card (Version 1.5): All employees covered by bargaining agreement are required to fill the membership card.


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