Local 888 2020 Membership Convention

Over 150 members attended the 2020 convention via Zoom

Over 150 members attended the 2020 convention via Zoom

Going “virtual” didn’t stop us from coming together for a successful union convention. The convention gave us an opportunity to look back and celebrate what we’ve accomplished together.  With increased involvement and support from you and your coworkers, Local 888 will be stronger and better prepared to meet the challenges we face in 2021 and beyond.

Read a full report about the convention here.

Three resolutions were adopted at the convention by the membership:
Improve Local Public Health Standards for Every Community!
Protect the Vote, Protect the Results
Establish a Membership Bill of Health Rights
Click here to watch the Convention Slide Show (Power Point)


Saturday, Oct. 24, 2020 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM
Registration opens at 9:00 AM
Due to the pandemic, the 2020 convention will be held via Zoom


SEIU Local 888’s Officers & Executive Board invite all members to attend your biannual Membership Convention. The convention is an opportunity to learn about union strategies to win good jobs, meet with other members in your industry sector and review our accomplishments and plans for 2021.

Every chapter is urged to register at least TWO delegates, larger chapters are encouraged to register more!

Pre-register by Oct. 17, 2020 to be eligible for a special door prize!

Members must be present to win.

Save time and be eligible for a door prize
Register online now! 


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