Fuel Assistance

The City of Boston-SEIU Local 888 Housing Trust will provide 100 members who’s yearly income is less than or equal to $57,900 with a grant up to $750.00 to help alleviate heating costs during the heating season of the current year.
The  2018 -2019 season will be available November 1, 2018
I. Explanation of Benefit

The purpose of this benefit is to assist SEIU Local 888 income eligible members who reside in the City of Boston with the high cost of heating during the winter months. This benefit is a first come first served benefit open during the months of November-March of the current year, one per household.  Applying for this benefit does not exclude you from other Housing Trust programs such as Emergency Assistance, Rental Assistance, Home Improvement, or Homeownership Benefit programs.  Please note that applications received after March 31st will not be considered.

For applicants who use oil for heating:

  • Members may receive up to 275 gallons
  • Price for oil will be determined on the date of the Housing Trust meeting based on a Boston area oil company for a tank up to 275 gallons
  • The amount awarded may be up to $750

For all other fuel assistance applicants:

  • Members may request fuel assistance of up to $750, one time per season, based on a bill/bills from your fuel provider
  • Payment will be approved based on the amount due on the submitted bill(s) up to $750
II. Member Qualification
a) Member must be part of one of the following departments:
  • Boston Center for Youth and Families
  • Boston Public Health Commission (Clerk and Tech, Programs, Counselors and Coordinator)
  • Boston Public School (Administrative Guild and Planning & Engineering)
  • Clerks and Tech (Boston City Hall and Boston Police Department)
  • Department of Neighborhood Development
  • Elderly Commission
b) SEIU Local 888 member must be in good standing for one year.
c) Must occupy an apartment/home within the City of Boston.
d) Member’s yearly income is less than or equal to $57,900. (subject to change to reflect City of Boston income guidelines)
e) Member may apply only once per heating season and must provide current paystub, recent heating bill and copy of complete lease and/or notarized letter from the landlord if renting, or a copy of registered deed or recent mortgage statement if owner.
f) Being in default of any Housing Trust Fund loan prohibits the Applicant from qualifying for this benefit.
g) The maximum amount of funding (to qualifying members) depends on program funding and may change.
III. Grant Application Process
a) As a first step, member must pick up an application form, which is available at the Union Hall or can be downloaded from www.SEIU888.org/htf/.
b) Member completes and submits the application by:
Mail to:

SEIU Local 888
Housing Trust Fund
25 Braintree Hill Park, Suite 306, Braintree, MA 02184

Fax to:

(617) 241-3303

Email to:


c) The Trust Program Administrator reviews the application for completeness and forwards the application and letter of good standing to the Trustees. The Trustees review the application upon receipt of a complete, accurate application along with any necessary supporting documentation.
d) Inaccurate, incomplete applications, or missing supporting documentation, may result in denial of application.
e) If the application is not approved, the Trustees will notify the member in writing of the reasons for denial.
The following only applies for approved applications:
f) If the application is approved, the Trustees will issue a Determination of Eligibility letter to the member. A copy of this letter will be sent to the City of Boston Treasury Department by the Trust.
g) The grant, amount to be determined by the Trust, will be issued by the City of Boston Treasury Department and sent to SEIU for mailing. Please note: payment will be issued directly to your utility provider and may take two to eight weeks to process.



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