Boston Housing Trust Fund

Local 888 members who work for the City of Boston are eligible for special benefits from the City of Boston – SEIU Local 888 Housing Trust.
The Housing Trust was created because of the unity and determination of city union members to make housing more affordable. The union won it through the power of collective bargaining.
The Housing Trust provides eligible members with grants and loans to make housing more affordable for city employees. The program has an Emergency Assistance, Rental Assistance, Home Improvement and Home Ownership Benefit.
You can learn more about each of these programs by clicking on the links at right.

Housing Trust Fund Programs:

Fuel Assistance: The City of Boston-SEIU Local 888 Housing Trust will provide 100 members who’s yearly income is less than or equal to $47,450 with a grant of $750.00 to help alleviate heating costs during the months of November 1, 2014 – March 31, 2015.

Emergency Assistance: Aids members for a housing-related emergency such as loss of income because of unemployment of a spouse/partner, illness, death of a spouse/partner wage earner, or an unanticipated home repair.Emergency Assistance:

Rental Assistance: Alleviates the cost of maintaining residence within the City of Boston.

Home Improvement: Pays for housing related home improvements.

Homeownership Benefit: Supports members with purchasing a home in the City of Boston.

Member Qualification
a) Member must be part of one of the following departments:

  • Boston Center for Youth and Families
  • Boston Public Health Commission (Clerk and Tech, Programs, Counselors and Coordinator)
  • Boston Public School (Administrative Guild and Planning & Engineering)
  • Clerks and Tech (Boston City Hall and Boston Police Department)
  • Department of Neighborhood Development
  • Elderly Commission
b) SEIU Local 888 member must be in good standing for one year.
c) Must occupy an apartment/home within the City of Boston.
d) Application must be made within 90 days.


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