Annual Report

Brenda Rodrigues in Western MAMark DelloRussoAs your elected officers, our top priority is to unite our members to win better contracts.

Towards that end, we’ve created a team approach to support each chapter with your union rep. backed up by a team from politics, admin, communications and our expanded legal department.

We have also made every effort to provide chapter leaders with more training.

We believe members are now seeing more consistent – and higher quality – representation.

During visits to chapters, members often ask, “What does the union do?”  This annual report provides an overview of Local 888’s accomplishments, and the responsibilities that each union department has in assisting chapters.

This report also offers a snapshot of Local 888’s income and expenses.  Because Local 888 members voted for the Dues Equality program at our last convention, our finances are stable and we are able to fund new initiatives.  If you need more detailed information, please don’t hesitate to contact Brenda.

Local 888 is also part of a much larger movement for better wages and working conditions for all workers.  Our commitment to the movement is highlighted in this report as well.

On the occasion of Local 888’s 2014 membership convention, we are certainly proud of what the membership has accomplished in the last two years.  With continued membership involvement and unity on-the-job, your union can live up to its real potential!

In Solidarity,

Mark DelloRusso & Brenda Rodrigues

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