Staff Directory & Directions

Union Headquarters
25 Braintree Hill Park, Suite 306
Braintree, MA 02184
Fax: 617-241-3303
Direction to Union Hall
Central MA Office
330 SW Cutoff
Worcester, MA 01604
Western MA Office
1275 Elm Street
West Springfield, MA 01089


Main Number: 617-241-3300
for email, add “” to username in last column* or click on username to send an email.

President Mark DelloRusso x3320 mdellorusso
Secretary-Treasurer Brenda Rodrigues x3322 brodrigues
Chief of Staff Rand Wilson x3368 rwilson
Political Director
Business Manager Darleen LeGrand x3325 dlegrand
Communications Director Vacant
Organizing Director Rand Wilson (interim) x3368 rwilson
Asst. Director of Field Operations / Attorney Maureen Medeiros x3324 mmedeiros

Field Staff

Field Representative Tia Finley x3365 tfinley
Field Representative Steve D’Amico x3376 sdamico
Field Representative Lawrence Higgins x3329 lhiggins
Field Representative Madeline Soto x3364 msoto
Field Representative Joan Caruso x3356 jcaruso
Field Representative David Nagle x3302 dnagle
Field Representative Neal O’Brien x3318 nobrien
Field Representative Ronald Patenaude x3319 rpatenaude

Legal Department & Member Information Department (MID)

Legal Director John Magner x3310 jmagner

Administration & Finance Department

Office Administrator Lidia Calvo x3301 lcalvo
Administrative Coordinator Orvine Ramos x3328 oramos
Administrative Coordinator Ashana Ward x3374 award

Organizing Department

Organizer Donald “DJ” Cronin x3363 dcronin
Organizer Ian Adelman x3317 iadelman
Organizer Hersh Rothmel

Political Department

Political Organizer Vacent


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