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Action Alert: Support Adequate Revenue and Fair Taxes!

February 14, 2013

If we want Massachusetts to continue to be a great place to live, work and raise a family, we need to invest in our communities.  We need excellent schools and affordable colleges, reliable roads, bridges and transit, and a growing economy that provides good jobs.  Moreover, as public service workers and employees of non-profits, state revenue funds the quality programs our jobs depend on.

It’s time to ask our legislators to support a common sense plan to increase revenue. The Campaign for Our Communities and Governor Patrick have put forward proposals that raise adequate new revenues, while making our tax system simpler and fairer for everyone.

Both revenue proposals will hold down increases for low- and middle-income families, ask the wealthy to pay their fair share, and raise the revenue we need to ensure that Massachusetts has a bright future.

To learn more, visit  To read about Massachusetts' tax problem click here.

Leadership of the House and Senate are deciding whether to support these historic proposals SOON!

Call your State Representative and Senator NOW! To reach your Senator or Representative, call the State House at 617-722-2000

To find out who your Senator and Representative are, go to:

“Hi, my name is ______________, and I live at ___________________.”
“I’m asking [you/the legislator] to support raising new revenue in a fair way to invest in our community’s many pressing needs.”
“Both the Governor’s revenue proposal and “An Act to Invest in our Communities” in the Legislature are examples of how we can raise substantial revenue while holding down increases for low- and middle-income families.”
“Will [you/the legislator] be supporting these or a similar revenue plan?”
“Thanks for your time [and support]!”


Dan Hoffer at 617 642 3588 or email him at

The Local 888 Committee on Political Action (COPA) staff and volunteers need to know how many calls each Legislator received to plan our follow-up!