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Strong leaders make the union strong. All members are encouraged to take training courses to build power in their chapters and the Labor Movement.

RSVP for 2021 Trainings: All training will be via Zoom. All sessions are 45 minutes with an additional 15 minutes allocated for Q&A.

Basic Steward Training 101

This is a great course for new and prospective stewards, as well as stewards who want to brush up on their skills. Topics discussed include the role of the steward, asserting union rights, and representing coworkers under their Weingarten protections.

Advanced Steward Training – 201, 202, and 203

Courses #201, 202 and 203 are sessions that build on the Basic Steward Training 101 to equip members with additional tools for their steward roles.

Leadership Training

This training is targeted towards chapter leaders including Chapter Presidents/Chairs, Vice Presidents/Chairs, Secretaries, and Treasurers.

Bargaining 101

Are you a member of your bargaining team? If yes, this is a training for you! We will cover the bargaining process, strategy at the table and organizing your contract campaign.

RSVP for 2021 Trainings: