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Fighting for a Fair Economy

May 9, 2011

Instead of making good jobs their highest priority, some elected officials are proposing more giveaways to corporations and more tax cuts for the rich.  At the same time, they’re attacking public services, trying to dismantle healthcare reform, scapegoating immigrant workers, and attempting to weaken our unions.

It is time for a dramatically new course of action.  We can’t solve this crisis one bargaining fight, organizing campaign, or political election at a time.  As we create a plan for our local union and the state, our International union is developing a comprehensive plan that tackles the fundamental imbalance of power in America and puts the needs of working families squarely at the top of our national priorities.  In the coming year, we will:

-          Engage all stakeholders on a scale never before seen.

-          Go on the offense to win pro-worker policies, and develop new alliances and strategies.

-          Spawn a whole new movement of workers who are taking collective action in our workplaces and political arenas.

What does a fair economy look like? It’s one that:

Creates opportunity. Whether through quality pre-K services, affordable higher education, access to small-business loans, when we invest in our kids, strengthen our communities, and make resources available to successful programs, we build a brighter future for all. Maintains essential services. Education, public safety, services for seniors and persons with disabilities – without taking care of these essentials, we are robbing ourselves and our neighbors of quality of life, hope, and a moral foundation.

Works for working families. From regressive taxes to stagnant wages and the mortgage crisis, too many policies in our state and across our country are chipping away at the middle class and threatening our future prosperity and stability.

Keeps corporate bad actors in check. Whether it was crashing our economy, taking advantage of tax loopholes and not paying a penny in taxes, or dismantling commonsense regulation, corporate bad actors have shown us that if left to their own devices they will take, take, take without regard for the greater good, our economy, or our communities. They must be put in check, and we can do just that by reforming existing laws and closing loopholes.

Don’t lose faith! We will get through this and when we win it won’t just be for ourselves but for all of ou rCommonwealth’s children and grandchildren and for their shared future.