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Dues Equality: More Money for Chapters

February 8, 2013

Chapters are the heart and soul of Local 888. Each chapter is an integral part of our local, but with its own identifiable community of interests. The stronger the chapters are, the stronger we are as a union.

Now that Local 888 has adopted Dues Equality, we have increased the allocations for chapter funds in order to strengthen chapters and better support local leaders. The increases allocated to chapter funds provide more resources for members to work with. Chapters can use their increased funds for membership activities and training.

Handbook now available Local 888 also has a new chapter funds policy handbook to help leaders better utilize the resources available. The handbook contains helpful information on: • More efficient ways for leaders to access chapter funds • Using chapter funds to support membership and leadership development • Suggestions for chapter leadership structures

The environment for Local 888 members has never been more challenging. That’s why it’s important for every chapter to take advantage of Local 888’s resources to increase membership involvement and win better contracts.

Note: the Chapter Funds Policy Handbook is available for download at [//www.seiu888. org/chapters](//www.seiu888. org/chapters)

If you have questions about chapter funds or how to make your chapter stronger, call 617-241-3300.