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Member Tool Kit: Telling Your Story

February 8, 2013

Local 888 members have been speaking out about the importance of the work they do to the people they serve and the communities where they live and work.

Town Hall employees in Millis, crossing guards in Springfield, and guards at Barnes and Otis Air National Guard bases are Local 888 members who have been featured in newspaper stories.

“If we don’t tell our story, nobody will,” said Brenda Rodrigues, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 888. “Our members are the best ambassadors to the community about what unions do and how they help.”

Local 888 communications director Rand Wilson says that he hopes that more members will share their stories in public forums. “We want members to tell the public about the essential service they provide,” says Wilson.

Wilson offered four tips for talking about your job and your union:

• Always begin by explaining how you and your members are standing up for the public interest.

• Use examples of how the union contract improves staffing, reduces turnover, and provides the good jobs that everyone in the community needs.

• Use personal stories to show how the people you serve and the community at large benefits from the union contract, grievance procedure and an active and united membership.

• Share good news. When there is good news, spread it around on social media sites.

For more tips on how to share your story with local news media, contact Rand Wilson at