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Weymouth Clerks Win Upgrade

February 8, 2013

Clerks in the Treasurer/Collector’s Office for the town of Weymouth were doing the work of higher paid clerks in the Assessors’ Office without receiving the higher pay for working out of grade.

Local 888 Steward Pat Fitzgerald relied upon Article 17, Section G in her union contract which provides, “If an employee is required to do work of a higher grade by the department head for more than ten consecutive days, the employee shall receive a fifteen percent premium on the employee’s pay grade and step in effect at the time of the requirement. The fifteen percent premium shall be retroactive to the first day of doing the higher grade work.”

“It’s important that we stuck with it and followed through,” said Fitzgerald who has worked for the town for five years. “We felt we were in the right and something should be done. With support from Local 888 we presented a strong case.”

Their grievance went to arbitration and the arbitrator found in the union’s favor. “The arbitrator awarded back pay from the date our grievance was filed. Because of our victory, management was willing to reclassify all of us as Grade 8 employees!”