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Chapter Reports - August

August 8, 2013

Military Installation Officers Cheer New Contract Local 888 military installation officers who protect the Barnes and Otis Air National Guard Bases voted unanimously for their first contract. The new agreement restores unilateral pay cuts made prior to the guards joining Local 888, raises wages, gives credit for prior service and includes weekend differential pay. “It’s a step in the right direction,” says Willie Mathieson, an installation security officer at the Barnes airfield and a member of the negotiating team. Mathieson says that the guards are pleased with the pay hike that puts them on par with police officers, but that the new contract represents something more important than money. “We finally have something that gives everyone guidance. It keeps management on the right track to treat everyone fairly.”

Gloucester Administrators Gloucester Administrators have negotiated and ratified a three year contract with a 2% wage increase for all three years. Longevity was also increased starting July 1, 2013. The new contract also establishes a grievance committee for the very first time as well as increasing tuition reimbursement for members.

Lowell School Clerks and Librarians Lowell clerks and librarians won 2.5% raises in each year of a new contract that is retroactive to July 1, 2012.  Some more senior members also received upgrades.  Approximately 100 members are covered by the agreement which expires on June 30, 2014.

In Amherst, Third Time’s a Charm The Town of Amherst Employees recently ratified a new three year contract that includes a cost of living increase of 2% for each year.  Chapter chair and Local 888 Recording Secretary Tina Swift says that the contract includes a number of small but hard won victories including a $100 boot allowance for maintenance and inspectors and a shift differential. Most significantly, says Swift, the chapter finally won a provision that maintenance people receive time and a half when Town Hall is closed due to weather or disaster conditions.”This was the third time we’ve fought for this,” says Swift. The negotiating team included Kim Littmann, Treasurer (Accounting), Jenn Reynolds (Parking Enforcement), Pat Desmarais (Leisure Services and Supplemental Education), Beth Chudzik (Dispatch)and Tina Swift (Jones Library).

Oxford Cafeteria Workers/Custodians Oxford Cafeteria Workers and Custodians recently ratified a new contract that includes wage increases, shift differentials and an increase in clothing allowance. Also included in the new deal: an increase in the number of sick days that can be used to care for sick family members and extra bereavement days. The contract includes so-called Evergreen language, ensuring that contract conditions remain in effect even if the contract expires before a new agreement is reached.

Carver Town Employees Town employees unanimously ratified a new three year contract in June with 2% raises in the first year and a wage re-opener for years two and three.  They also won an adjustment in the step scale that created a new top step and dropped the old bottom step, shifting the scale, which means that members will be receiving either a 4% or 6% raise this year.