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UMass Lowell Update

April 7, 2014

Professionals at UMass Lowell had four membership meetings across campus in varied locations in recent weeks.  Over 125 Local 888 members participated.

The meetings were led by the chapter leader Janet King with support from Local 888 staff.

"These meetings were very positive and focused on key issues as we prepare for upcoming contract negotiations," said Janet King.  "Members shared their ideas about priorities for the next contract and ways that they can show solidarity with the bargaining team throughout the process."

If any UMass Lowell members have more ideas or questions about the bargaining process, please contact one of the following team members: Penny Donoghue Sandy Dubuc      Rick Harvey        Janet King            Al Sacco                Heather Spyrakis

Additional follow-up meetings for members will be in scheduled in the coming months.