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A Win for Westwood Clerical

May 8, 2014

Clerical workersWestwood clerical workers negotiated a new contract that was overwhelmingly ratified on April 23. The contract covers about 20 members. The agreement was hard fought and eventually went to mediation, because management was looking to take several positions out of the union. The three year contract provides 1.75 percent increases in each year and created a new sick leave bank. A new management reclassification plan protects employees from losing money if their job is downgraded. Any reclassification that results in an upgrade will get a pay bump immediately.

Best of all, no titles were taken out of the union! Teresa Riordan, MaryAnne Carty, Janice Polin and Susanne Hogan led the union bargaining team with assistance from Local 888 Rep. Bill Storella.