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Local 888 Health & Safety Initiative Finds First Municipal Partner

October 14, 2014

The City of Marlboro is the first town to agree to partner with Local 888 on our new municipal health and safety initiative. Hopefully more cities and towns will come on board in the coming months.Graphics

The goal of the partnerships are for labor and management to work together to build effective health and safety committees and provide peer-to-peer training and support for achieving strong health & safety standards in the workplace. Local 888 is working with MassCOSH and AFSCME on the initiative with funding from the Dept. of Industrial Health.

This year, the legislature passed a new law that provides state workers in the Executive Branch with standards similar to OSHA. Our goal is to get a similar bill passed covering municipal workers. Towards that goal, Local 888 is looking for someone who would like to help make a short video with stories from members’ about the on-the-job hazards they face in the workplace and some of the “near misses” they have experienced.