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Ask Sparky

November 7, 2014

SparkyDear Sparky: I’m not gonna lie. I’m feeling seriously bummed about the election. Is there anything to feel good about?  Please Sparky—can you throw me a bone? Signed, Bummed in Boston

Dear Bummed: Happy to be of service. Speaking of bones, that’s what I reach for whenever I’m feeling down—works like a charm! If that’s not an option for you, why don’t you take a gander at the cover story, about how Local 888 members helped deliver a big win for workers in Massachusetts who had no sick time. In fact, there are similar stories all over the country.

You might not know it from the headlines, but virtually everytime voters had the opportunity to raise wages for the kind of people who don’t pal around with billionaires, they did. In fact, even voters in states that are as red as a fire hydrant (tee hee!), like South Dakota and Arkansas, gave a big paws up to raising wages. Here in Massachusetts, 1 million workers now have access to earned sick time thanks to voters who approved the strongest requirement in the country.

So enjoy that bone, then go for a long walk and take a nap. You’ll feel better in no time. Sparky