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City of Boston members benefit from Housing Trust Fund, you could too!

February 6, 2015

"With the cost of housing so high I was struggling to pay for my home improvements. If it wasn't for the Housing Trust I would not have been able to make much needed repairs," said Dominic DiMare, a steward at the Boston Police Department.

[caption id="attachment_5719" align="alignright" width="199"]Dominic DiMare Boston Police Dept.Dominic DiMare
Boston Police Dept.[/caption]

"I'd suggest that if you are experiencing problems, before you do anything, make your first call to the Housing Trust.  It's a shame that more members don't take advantage of it.  There's no catch to it.  You've earned it by working for the City."

The Housing Trust SEIU Local 888 members who work for the City of Boston Admin Guild, BCYF, BPD, BPHC, DND, Elderly or P&E are eligible to receive benefits from the City of Boston - SEIU Local 888 Housing Trust.  The Housing Trust was negotiated through collective bargaining to assist SEIU Local 888 members with the cost of housing in Boston by providing them with grants and interest free loans.

The assistance programs have been updated and some new benefits have been added.  Most grant amounts have been substantially increased to $2,500 (except for the home ownership benefit which has been increased to $15,000).

The Housing Trust provides eligible members with grants and loans to make it more affordable for city employees.  Check out these five programs:

If you have a need for the program, please apply using our more user friendly website.  Check it out at