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Boston Police Win at Labor Board

December 14, 2015

A recent Arbitration ruled that Boston Police Operations Dispatcher Wei Li should be reinstated to his position of employment. Wei Li was disciplined and subsequently terminated from his position as a dispatcher in July 2015. SEIU Local 888 Attorney Maureen Medeiros prepared this case for arbitration and was victorious in her argument. The arbitrator ruled that

  1. The City did not have just cause to terminate the grievant, Wei Li. 2) The City shall immediately reduce the discharge of Mr. Li to an oral reprimand for his conduct in downgrading the 911 call of July 28, 2011. 3) The city shall immediately offer to reinstate Mr. Li to his former position. 4) The city shall immediately make Mr. Li whole for all wages and benefits which he lost as a result of his unjust discharge less interim earnings, if any.

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