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Home Buyers Workshop

March 9, 2016

SEIU Local 888 members who work for the City of Boston are eligible to receive benefits from the City of Boston-SEIU Local 888 Housing Trust. The Housing Trust was negotiated through collective bargaining to assist SEIU Local 888 members with the cost of housing in Boston by providing them with grants and interest free loans.

[caption id="attachment_6632" align="alignright" width="640"]Union members at the March 5 Home Buyers workshop Union members at the March 5 Home Buyers workshop[/caption]

On March 5th, members attended an educational workshop that provided a comprehensive overview of the home purchase process to help homebuyers make smart, informed decisions in the path towards homeownership. Participants received a detailed reference manual and lunch.

Topics covered included: • Preparing for the mortgage process • First time homebuyer mortgages • How to find a home • The legal aspects of buying a home • How to work with professionals during the home-buying process

To find out about future workshops contact To learn more about the Housing Trust, visit