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Message to U.S. Senators: Do Your Job!

March 9, 2016

Let’s say tomorrow, you stroll into work around noon, watch some YouTube videos, maybe take a long lunch, followed by a short nap and head out a bit early to beat the traffic. How do you think that’d go over with your boss?

Probably not too well.

But that’s exactly what Senate Republicans are doing. There is a vacancy on the Supreme Court and President Obama is preparing to do what our Constitution mandates: forwarding a Supreme Court nominee to the Senate for consideration. Yet Senate Republicans would rather play political games than do their job by refusing to even hold hearings on his nominee!

This has never been done in HISTORY and it is not what the American people need.

This is ultimately an insult to the American people. That’s why Local 888 is asking members to sign a petition -- joining with many other organizations to be delivered with your signature to Senators with one message: Do Your Job.

Ironically, working people are working harder and longer than ever, as it gets more and more difficult to make ends meet for our families. Wealthy special interests want to pollute our justice system all the way up to the Supreme Court -- and are asking the Senate GOP leadership to help them -- so they can push their well-funded extremist agenda.

And while we’re working harder than ever, Senate Republicans have decided not to do any work at all? And why? Because that’s what the wealthy special interests are demanding.

You can fight back! Sign this petition now: Then forward this message to 5 friends. We need to show the Senate that we will not back down from this fight.