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Local 888 leaders to attend SEIU Convention

May 10, 2016

Leaders of Local 888 will be attending the SEIU 2016 International Convention in Detroit from May 19 through 24. Local 888 is entitled to 13 delegates, 3 alternates and 1 guest. Local 888's delegation to the convention will be: Mark DelloRusso, Brenda Rodrigues, Frank W. Chillemi, Sue Noel, Mike Kelly, Kwesi Ablordeppey, Carolyn Carey, Charlotte Killam, Jim Corcoran, David Reno, Jorge Vargas, Kelly Shay, Fred Simmons, Thomas McKeever, Jen Springer and Lorna Heron.

Cobo CenterAt the convention, members will discuss three new initiatives to overcome challenges to worker organization in the current economy and political environment. 1) Create Next Forms of Worker Power. 2) Build a Wider Movement and 3) Innovate in Our Current Work.

More information about the convention is online at: