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Chapter Reports

January 10, 2017


Brewster School Custodians Brewster School Custodians negotiated a new three- year contract with a salary increase of 6 percent over three years!  Deleting the first step and adding a new Step 14 at 2 percent helps senior members who are maxed out of steps. Also, a $25 across-the-board increase in longevity! The School Committee has agreed to help decrease out-of-pocket expenses by working with members to provide winter clothing and rain gear outside of their clothing allowance.

Monomoy Regional School Custodians What a difference a contract makes!  The first contract with the Monomoy Regional School District was a battle that went into mediation. In December, a three-year contract was easily ratified with a revision to the salary schedule, dropping three steps and adding two steps from the eighteen-step salary schedule for the custodians. The contract includes a 10 percent increase for the custodians and a 12 percent increase for the lead custodians!  Double time on Sundays, an increase in outside function pay to forty dollars per hour, and an additional step in longevity after completing 24 years in the amount of $1,500 boosted pay to dedicated employees who have maxed out!  Longevity was increased across the board by $100 in the third year of the contract!  The biggest win was deleting language that redlined a member, giving him the opportunity for a 10 percent increase over the life of this contract, as well as all future salary increases!

Nauset School Custodians Nauset School Custodians unanimously ratified a new three-year contract that includes a 2 percent increase each year, deletion of the first step and addition of a 14th step at 3 percent, a slight increase on the night differential and grounds person's differential, a $25 increase on each step of longevity, and an increase in the limit of sick days from 160 to 180!  The School Committee agreed to provide winter clothing and rain gear, putting out of pocket expenses back in the members' pockets, as well as disease control equipment and clothing!

SEIU Field Rep. Joan Caruso assisted with all of the above contract settlements.