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Chapter Reports

April 6, 2017

Tyngsboro Admin AssistantsTyngsborough Administrative Assistants

Tyngsborough Administrative Assistants ratified a new contract. "The best part of the contract was getting three vacation days," said Cheryl Santos, a steward. "I think a lot of us are pleased with the Professional Development incentives program, to increase our salary base by accumulating CPE's. It was a pleasure working with Tia and Neal. We felt deflated at times, but it was nice having both supporting us."

SEIU Field Reps Tia Finley and Neal O'Brien assisted with the contract settlements.

20170119_175117City of Boston

City of Boston members held a City Hall chapter meeting with Mark DelloRusso. Chapter Chair, Keturah Trusty and stewards, Larry Louis, Sonia Singh and Jocelyn Choate attended the meeting.