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Member’s letter on paid family leave published in Boston Globe!

May 10, 2017

Boston Water & Sewer employee Damali Simmonds (pictured in article at left) was upset by a recent Boston Globe article where the city’s top management claimed that it couldn’t provide paid family leave because union collective bargaining agreements prohibited implementation.

IMG_3568With help from staff at Local 888, Simmonds wrote to the Globe pointing out that the state Attorney General's office and the Treasury Department both negotiated paid family leave with union employees in 2016 during the middle of their collective bargaining agreements.

SEIU Local 888, has repeatedly requested a similar arrangement from the city.

“The city says, “If Mayor Walsh could wave a wand tomorrow and give paid parental leave to everybody in the world he would," wrote Simmonds. “Let's be clear: our unions are not standing in the way. Mayor Walsh, why don't you wave that wand now?”

Simmonds’ letter was published on April 25.

Members are encouraged to write to their local papers about issues of concern.  If you would like assistance with editorial contacts or help refining your message, contact