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A Tie at Suffolk University

October 21, 2017

Suffolk University administrative and clerical staff have been fighting to win a union with Local 888 since August 2016. The workers have been organizing to win what they deserveā€”a voice in their workplace, good benefits, and job security. Because a good job and a lasting career is worth fighting for!

Our-Suffolk-FinalWhile dedicated Suffolk staff volunteered their time to help build an organization that can help them fight for improvements in their workplace, Suffolk management hired an infamous Chicago union-busting law firm, Seyfarth Shaw to dissuade workers from supporting the union. The law firm, which typically charges over $600 an hour, conducted "one-on-one" anti-union meetings with workers, and used weakness in our labor laws to delay the union vote.

After the March 2 NLRB election and the decision on the challenged votes, the final tally was 96 votes in favor of a union to 96 votes against. "The vote count was evenly divided, but our conversations during the campaign showed that a majority of staff want greater security in our jobs and our benefits, a voice on the job and regular raises," said Meri Power-Ayer, a Senior Program Coordinator in the Political Research Department. "The only way to make these improvements is through a union and a collective bargaining agreement."