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Use contract to fight sexual harrassment in the workplace

December 8, 2017

Sexual harassment is everywhere in the media right now. Women are coming forward with their stories of sexual harassment atUntitled3the hands of powerful men across many industries. In our society, few workplaces are free of sexual harassment. Union members are finding that their contracts can be used to fight against it and ensure proper recourse if there is a problem.

Our union contracts help equalize the imbalance of power between workers and their bosses. Without a union, the boss has complete control. With a union, workers have contract language that gives them a voice in the decisions and policies of their workplace.

If a boss is sexually harassing a worker in a unionized workplace—there is recourse. Members can use the grievance procedure and the "just cause" provisions to protect them from being fired or disciplined for speaking out. With a union, workers can stand together against employers who violate basic principles of respect and dignity.

What can Local 888 members do to protect yourself when you are sexually harassed?