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Message from Mark DelloRusso & Brenda Rodrigues

March 8, 2018

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Dear Local 888 Chapter Leaders, Stewards and Members,

With the officer election completed, Local 888's leadership – both old and new – have met and begun planning the transition to a new administration.

President Mark DelloRusso has authorized Secretary-Treasurer and President-elect Brenda Rodrigues to begin leading the local immediately. We will work cooperatively to make decisions in the best interests of our members to keep Local 888 moving forward.

Local 888's field reps and staff will remain on the job and continue their work as assigned. President-elect Rodrigues has appointed our Organizing and Communications Director Rand Wilson to lead the transition for the new administration and assume the role of Chief of Staff effective immediately.

Unfortunately, after the election General Council Jen Springer could not accept the results graciously. On Monday March 5, Ms. Springer began urging leaders of the chapters she worked with to leave Local 888. While Ms. Springer has done good work for our union in the past, this behavior was unprofessional and harmful to the integrity of our union. For that reason, she was terminated on Wednesday, March 7.

The election allowed all Local members to have a voice in the direction and leadership of our union.  We want to assure you that your voices have been heard.  Now, regardless of who you supported in the election, we hope you will join our elected officers to work together for a stronger and more effective union.

Should you have any questions regarding the officers' election or the new administration of our union, please don't hesitate to contact either of us at (617) 241-3300.

In Solidarity,

Mark DelloRusso                         Brenda Rodrigues President                                             Secretary-Treasurer and President-elect