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New Leadership for Local 888

March 12, 2018

[caption id="attachment_8145" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Anita Christon, Recording Secretary; Brenda Rodrigues President; Tom McKeever, Secretary-Treasurer.Anita Christon, Recording Secretary; Brenda Rodrigues President; Tom McKeever, Secretary-Treasurer.[/caption]

Members elect leadership for changing times

Local 888's officer election has concluded 1,698 ballots cast to elect new leadership.

Brenda Rodrigues was elected President, Tom McKeever was elected Secretary-Treasurer, Anita Christon was re-elected Recording Secretary. These candidates were all part of the Leadership for Changing Times slate.

Brenda and her team ran on the slogan “No chapter too small, no problem too big.” In a message to members she stated, “SEIU Local 888 needs new leadership who will be more aggressive in defending our contracts, more responsive to our members and willing to provide staff with the resources they need to accomplish our goals.”

Local 888 would like to thank the Election Committee for their work overseeing the process. Thank you to Gordan Luciano (chair), Meta Jones, Lenny DiBartolomeao and alternate Kathleen Porrazzo.

New leadership and unity moving forward

“I have authorized Secretary-Treasurer and President-elect Brenda Rodrigues to begin leading the local immediately,” said President Mark DelloRusso. “We are working cooperatively to make decisions in the best interests of our members to keep Local 888 moving forward.”

Local 888’s field reps and staff will remain on the job and continue their work as assigned. President-elect Rodrigues has appointed Rand Wilson (former Organizing and Communications Director) to lead the transition for the new administration and assume the role of Chief of Staff effective immediately.