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Weekly paper Digs activist

May 14, 2018

An opinion piece by Local 888 activist Anna Feder was featured on the front page of the weekly DigBoston. Feder highlighted the Emerson Staff Union’s drive to secure a first contract and to right some of the wrongs at the college.

She noted that Emerson College’s “merit pay” practices have led to a situation in which, “on average, women at Emerson earn 91 cents for every man’s dollar. Emerson’s workforce is 60 percent female, yet among the 15 employees in the highest pay grade, all but three are men. The lowest pay grade is 80 percent women.”

With her op-ed, Feder, who directs the Bright Lights Film Series, put the concerns of Emerson workers on the front burner. The 140 members of the Emerson Staff Union provide essential administrative services and support to students and faculty.

SEIU Local 888 encourages members to speak out as unionized workers. If you or another member would like help with writing or editing an opinion piece, contact