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Scituate schools net contracts

February 1, 2019

Local 888 members who work for the Scituate Public Schools have approved contracts with a new “split COLA increase” in pay. The more senior members will receive a higher percentage cost-of-living increase during the first two years of the contracts, as other workers get step raises as well. Everyone will get 2 percent cost-of-living raises in the last year of the contracts.

Local 888 unites about 150 paraprofessionals, secretaries and cafeteria workers in the Scituate Public Schools.

The Scituate Cafeteria Workers received an increase in the maximum sick days accrued per year, language for out-of-grade pay for stepping in as a kitchen manager or assistant kitchen manager, a store credit for members to purchase school pride gear. Members will no longer have to provide a reason when requesting a personal day.

The Paraprofessionals were able to clarify language over longevity payments and had the decision-making regarding education allowance and tuition allowance put into the hands of the schools superintendent.

The School Secretaries contract says management cannot arbitrarily deny personal leave. Also, members will not have to provide a reason for taking a personal day. A key win is that, when filling vacancies, “seniority shall prevail” and “all applicants will be given an opportunity to interview for the position”.

The Scituate School negotiating teams all stood strong against many proposals made by management — in particular standing up for seniority, said Local 888 internal organizer Joan Caruso. “I was proud to be a part of these bargaining teams.”