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Rejuvenated Billerica set for bargaining

April 1, 2019

Local 888 members have stepped up to fill the void after the longtime Billerica chapter chair, Donna Hansen, announced at a recent union meeting that she was stepping down. The administrative and professional unit’s contract runs out June 30.

“My goal is to fight for the 30 other people in our union,” said the new chapter leader, building inspector David Lenzie. “And it’s great to see a couple younger people get involved – members who can continue our union tradition on into the future.”

Since taking on Lenzie’s former chapter post of secretary, Joe D’Angelo has already taken part in stewards’ training sponsored by Local 888. The rejuvenated chapter has a complete slate of officers, with Ken Buffum as vice president, Steve Robertson as treasurer and Mike Haines as steward (a post that had been vacant for some time).

The chapter’s leaders and the town administrator have since met to set ground rules for bargaining, with the first official session set for May. One thing that could influence the negotiations: The town just did a study of workers’ salary and benefits by job classification to see how they compare to those in similar positions in other towns. Lenzie said he wants to help those in positions that are underpaid while still taking care of the membership as a whole.

How should your chapter’s leadership roles be structured? Email or contact your staff organizer for some guidelines.