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2020 Hopefuls to Speak at #UnionsForAll Summit

September 23, 2019


Local 888 President Brenda Rodrigues and four members of the Executive Board will be attending the Unions for All Summit from October 3rd - 6th. At the Summit, 2020 presidential candidates have been asked to share their plans to ensure all people have the right to join together in strong unions.

You can hear what the candidates have to say too. RSVP to watch the action in Los Angeles LIVE

The candidates confirmed to attend so far include:

We know that coming together in unions is the best way for working people of all races and backgrounds to build power and win raises and other benefits to improve working conditions.

RSVP to tune into our #UnionsForAll Summit to build a shared vision for America.

The 2020 election is our opportunity to make sure all workers have the right to join together in unions by electing a candidate that puts people before corporations.

Join other SEIU members to hear what the candidates have to say at the Unions for All Summit. Sign up to watch the livestream.