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Get to ‘Know Your Rights’

February 6, 2020

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Local 888 will offer a series of trainings for members and leaders this spring. The “Know Your Rights Training” shows members how to exercise their workplace rights and support each other on the shop floor.

“Workers’ rights an essential cornerstone of workplace fairness,” said Local 888 President Brenda Rodrigues. “The first step in exercising those rights, for an individual or a chapter, is to educate ourselves about the law and court rulings.”

These include: The right to have a union steward present if you are called into an interview by management that could result in discipline. But you must ask for a steward if you want one.

This right to have a steward is part of what has become known as Weingarten Rights, after a 1975 U.S. Supreme Court decision.

The first two “Know Your Rights Trainings” will take place:

A combined “Leadership & Know Your Rights Training” will be:

To register or learn about other trainings, go to or call 617-241-3300.