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Members help dispatchers protect selves

April 17, 2020


Local 888 members came to the rescue of the Boston Police Department dispatchers, who are on front lines during the fight against COVID-19. The Local 888 dispatchers were in need of the kind of supplies in high demand during the coronavirus crisis — such as disinfecting wipes, disinfecting spray, hand sanitizer and disposable gloves.

So, Local 888 put out the word, including on Facebook (see link), and members answered the call.

“Our fellow union members have stepped up for one another, and we already have a very small supply of needed items,” said Sean Murphy, a dispatcher and shop steward of the Local 888 chapter. “We have more coming in from members who have reached out to friends and family, and we will hopefully soon have a fair amount that would cover anyone who can't find them in local stores. Thanks again.”

Dominic Dimare, Local 888 chapter president for the BPD, thanked those in and outside the department for pitching in. Local 888 represents a wide range of BPD civilian workers — with such job titles as analyst, clerk, communications equipment operator, diesel and engine repairman, storekeeper, accountant, administrative assistant and secretary.

In these challenging times for the city, state and country: it's difficult physically, mentally and emotionally. For all these reasons, Local 888 aims to support our first responders.

To aid our Boston Police dispatcher members with: disinfecting wipes, disinfecting spray, hand sanitizer and disposable gloves and other items, please contact Antonio C. Nunes @