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“The HEROES Act” -- a proposed federal response to the public health and economic crisis facing working people

May 15, 2020

Yesterday, House Democrats led by Speaker Pelosi unveiled a fourth legislative package, “The HEROES Act,” to respond to the ongoing public health and economic crisis that has ensued as a result of the pandemic and the Trump Administration’s failure to adequately prepare for and respond to the threat COVID-19 poses to working people and our communities.

The HEROES ActAt almost 2,000 pages, this major piece of legislation is a step forward and includes many of the priorities SEIU and other union members have been fighting for. There are areas that need improvements and it will take all of us campaigning to get a robust version signed into law.

The House plans to take up the bill on Friday, and pass the bill by the end of the day. The Senate, as of right now, has no plans to act on additional legislation. Senator McConnell has instead filled the Senate’s schedule by lining up votes on inexperienced, unqualified and anti-worker nominees to the federal judiciary, rather than addressing the immediate needs of essential workers and local and state governments.

The President has also not indicated he will support additional measures to protect essential workers and working people. Our pressure campaign will be critical in forcing the Senate and Administration to act.

Please continue to reach out to your elected officials at all levels, let them know directly what your members are facing, the ways they are leading in this crisis, and that we need government and industry to act quickly to pass legislation to Protect All Workers.

As SEIU members fight on the front lines of this public health crisis and economic emergency, Local 888 and the labor movement will keep fighting until we win real, structural change that transforms our economy and our democracy so that we win racial and economic justice for all.