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All members urged to help Protect the Results

November 4, 2020

Dear Local 888 members,

Last night I promised to keep you informed as the election results and the democratic process unfolds. I said that our union must be part of a movement to show that nothing will stand in the way of protecting our democracy.

The presidential election clearly isn't over. That's why workers across the country are mobilizing to demand every vote is counted. Every voter has a right to cast a ballot, every vote counts, and every ballot must be counted and respected, whether cast by a Democrat, a Republican or anyone else.Protect the Results

The labor movement must respond with nonviolent action to defend democracy, the Constitution and an orderly transfer of power that is one of the historic hallmarks of American democracy.

Demand every vote is counted and wear your SEIU gear to an event near you. Find an event and sign up here:

In Solidarity, Brenda Rodrigues, President SEIU Local 888