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Election Night Message from President Brenda Rodrigues

November 4, 2020

Dear Local 888 members,

Local 888 unites members of every race and background. As union members, our votes send a clear message to the politicians: respect us, protect us, pay us.

We have turned out in record numbers for this election and our union worked hard to register new voters and bring them to the polls.

No politician, and especially not the President, should pick and choose how votes will be counted. And we won't let them.

That's why at our October 24 Local 888 Convention, members overwhelming passed a resolution to Protect the Vote, Protect the Results.

Our nation has always held elections and upheld the results, even in times of great crisis. We held successful presidential elections during the Civil War, the Great Depression, and both World Wars. Now it’s our turn to show that nothing—not this pandemic or this president—will stand in our way of protecting our democracy.

Please stay tuned for updates as the election results come in and the democratic process unfolds.

In Solidarity,

Brenda Rodrigues, President SEIU Local 888