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McKeever, Local 888’s new officers pledge to build union power

June 3, 2021

Local 888 members, leaders and staff Zoomed in for the swearing-in ceremony for the union’s top officers, trustees and executive board members, as Tom McKeever took the reins at the union.

Local 888 members, leaders and staff Zoomed in for the swearing-in ceremony for the union’s top officers, trustees and executive board members.
“Service, care and public workers — of all races — have built power together through our union” for 100 years, said Heather Conroy, SEIU executive vice president, appearing from the West Coast. “The strength of our union comes from the millions of us joining together to transform our jobs, our communities and our country.”
Newly elected Local 888 President Tom McKeever will unite with labor leaders nationwide to “make sure that everyone gets what they should, what they are entitled to because of their hard work,” said U.S. Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.). “Unions built the middle class, and it is unions that will rebuild the middle class.”
McKeever sat with his family — wife, Kate and two daughters, Molly and Shannon — in front of the Local 888 banner at the union’s headquarters. He thanked Conroy for attending and for her and the international’s “continued guidance and support.”
He added that “here at Local 888 we understand that your approach to leadership is based on determination, collaboration and innovation — and we hope to emulate that ethic. We share SEIU’s belief in the dignity and worth of workers and the services they provide. … “We here at Local 888 believe in bargaining for the common good and elevating standards for all working people through collective bargaining.”
The new president said that, in office, he would work on an overall plan that will be derived from his many discussions with Local 888 workers around the state during his campaign.
McKeever said this feedback would also include quarterly Zoom meetings to bring together workers in the same sector, but who live around the state. In addition, the goal is to come up with the best contract language, so that other chapters can look to it as a model.
In addition, he said, “my administration is intent on revising old job descriptions to reflect the current roles, duties and responsibilities of members.” McKeever said the ultimate goal was to help members be treated more fairly and win better contracts.
He added that he would focus on getting pension upgrades for front-line members, a goal he pursued previously while the 888’s political director and secretary-treasurer.
He and others took the union’s pledge, which commits leaders to “representing our members and organizing new workers to build power to win for all.”
McKeever went on to swear in the union’s new secretary-treasurer, Shaylin Walsh Hogan, and re-elected recording secretary, Anita Christon.
Walsh Hogan promised “to do everything I can to keep this union moving in the right direction and to fight for a just society.”
“We can achieve our goals, together,” said Christon. Referring to union members and leaders, she added: “I hope you are ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work!”
The following election winners were also inaugurated:
As trustees: Lorna Pleas-Heron, John Kallmerten and Justin Lawler.
As Local 888 Executive Board members: Kwesi Ablordeppey, Carolyn Carey, James Corcoran, Baraa Fadel, Jayne Fogarty, Hajji Glover, Rosa Matias, Rick Moran, Thomas Regan, Damali Simmonds, Fred Simmons and Elisa Zanini.