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Tyngsborough clerical contract features four-day work week, boosts in pay

December 13, 2021

Pact includes new step increases and bonuses based on years of service

Susan Silvia, Tyngsborough clerical chapter president, led her team to some big long-sought wins at the negotiating table. These include the implementation of what many only daydream about: a four-day work week — with Fridays off.
At a union meeting, one member said it was “the best contract we’ve ever had,” Silvia added. The contract was unanimously approved by the members.
The agreement includes the four-day work week for many in the chapter — with no loss of compensation or hours. It means that Town Hall will be open late on Wednesday, so as to better serve people as they get off from work. Members will also make up time on Mondays and Tuesdays.
Silvia said the new schedule “will be great for me — and the members.” The Tyngsborough Board of Selectmen will review the new setup at the end of January.
Silvia, who has worked for the town since 2013, serves as the clerk for the highway department. Her chapter also includes library workers, who will not be covered by the four-day-week setup.
A newbie to negotiations, she had never even served on a contract committee before. Silvia credits Local 888 internal organizer Josh Clancy with helping her to get up to speed.
“He helped me tremendously,” she said.
Another big win in the contract: Longevity pay has been agreed on. That’s something the chapter had tried for years to get.
The new longevity bonus is worth $800 annually after five years and, similarly, $1,600 after 10 years, $2,400 after 15 years and $3,000 after 20 years.
In terms of pay, the new contract includes cost-of-living increases of 2 percent every year of the three-year contract. The chapter has 22 members.
In addition, the labor agreement adds two steps at the top of the pay scale — so members who had topped out can continue to move up in pay. Each step has a 2.2 percent bump up.
Newcomers will potentially come in at a higher level as well, because the two lowest steps on the pay scale have been eliminated.
In addition, members with children will not have to report to work as usual if there is a delay in school starting times. They will still get paid for time missed due to the delay.
For more on Local 888 workshops that look at bargaining and other union matters, see Member Welcome Orientations are set for Jan. 13.