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The Committee on Political Action (COPA)

COPA helps us fight back against budget cuts to public services and threats to our contract rights with member activities, electoral campaign work and legislative advocacy, locally and statewide. Click here to setup your COPA contribution today!

Important Voting information: To find out where you go vote and to see your sample ballot click here or go to

What is COPA?

COPA is our Local’s political action fund (PAC).  Through COPA, we can fight harder and smarter for the quality of life issues that affect our members.

Remember… Elected officials vote on most Local 888 members’ salaries. We need to make sure that our voices are heard and the value of the services we provide are respected. Workers don’t have million dollar bank accounts to influence politics, but by pooling our contributions in COPA we can gain a stronger voice in our future. Our wages and working conditions have gone downhill because big business has been using its money to influence politicians more than ever. That’s why if Local 888 members contribute, it makes our votes and our voices count.

Why is COPA Necessary?

Under Massachusetts law, union dues can not be used to pay for political actions or contributions. COPA enables your union to have the resources for political work that ensures members receive good benefits and our voices are heard in the halls of power.

COPA pays for members political organizers (MPO), where members are released from their job to work for the union helping out on voter registration, issue campaigns, organizing drives, and elections.

Why should I contribute?

Membership participation in COPA sends a strong message that you and the members of your chapter take politics seriously. It gives your union the resources to fight for pro-worker laws and funding for the quality services you and your family care about. In addition, COPA participation gives members a vote on the Political Committee to have a say in who we support and how.

Click here to set up your COPA contribution today!

SEIU Local 888 COPA will fight to elect officials that stand up for working people, regardless of their party affiliation.