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Retiree Dental

Dental Coverage for Retiree’s

Massachusetts Employers/SEIU Local 888 Health and Welfare Fund effective 1/1/2022 dental coverage for Retiree’s.

This is to notify you that the Annual Open Enrollment period for the BCBS Dental Plan will run from November 8, 2021, through November 29, 2021. Open Enrollment is the only opportunity to enroll in coverage or make a change to your current coverage without a qualifying event for 2022.

Dental Blue Freedom – Retiree Plan
No Deductible
$1,250 Calendar Year Maximum Benefit Per Person
In-NetworkOut of Network
 Preventive  100% Coverage 80% Coverage
 Basic 80% Coverage 65% Coverage
 Major 80% Coverage 65% Coverage
 Ortho Not Covered Not Covered
Retiree Monthly Rates

 Employee $39.05
 Employee + One $80.09
 Family $97.63

Please include the monthly premium payable to: MA Employers H&W Fund. Once enrolled, you will receive a coupon booklet for ongoing premium payments.

You can provide your enrollment form in any of the following ways:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Linda DeLuca, Fund Director, at 617-241-3367.


If you would like to enroll in coverage, complete the Membership Application and enclosed Enrollment Form.

Retiree Member App Enrollment Form

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